December BJP Progress #2

Winter Solstice is nearing completion; the Long Night has fallen, now the snow is filling the landscape. Soon the sky will be replete with snow clouds, red berries and evergreens will peek through the snow dunes, and I can move on to my plan for the January page, Earth.


  1. This will be exquisite when you are finished!

    Kathy V in NM

  2. My page is nearing completion too but boy, I sure wish I was caught up. I enjoy doing the beadwork; don't enjoy getting behind. Glad you are catching up some.

  3. I love your variations on a theme...

  4. This might be one of my favorites of yours. It gives me a feeling of both serenity and contemplation.
    I have not started December yet, October and November are only half done. But I am cruizin' on February.

  5. Thanks for posting a 2nd progress report... I totally enjoy seeing it in its various stages of completion. These seem to be VERY small beads... are you using mostly 15s? You don't know how much I'm looking forward to seeing this piece finished, berries and evergreens included!


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