No Time To Bead

Not for the last two weeks, really. Just a stolen half-hour here and there, making me scattered and nearly deeeeee-ranged

and this is scarcely odd because it was the middle of the week.

I digress. I babble. It's tax time. Forgive me. And on a totally unrelated note, but to bring the previous two posts to their natural conclusion, I finished second in the Red Challenge.

Now to catch up on three weeks' worth of Inspirations:

#1. Poetry: Book of My Nights by Li-Young Lee - spare, evocative and haunting. Here's a sample from my favorite poem, "Pillow":

There's nothing I can't find under there.
Voices in the trees, the missing pages
of the sea.

Everything but sleep.

And night is a river bridging
the speaking and the listening banks,

a fortress, undefended and inviolate.


#2. Art: Jay Dunitz' work - he paints with electricity! Here's a picture of the cover of his book, Pacific Light:

#3. Music: This would be an extension of my current love affair with all things Simply Red - their concert DVD, "Simply Red - Live in London". There's something about an Irish tenor singing jazz, reggae, R&B, rock, pop and ballads that puts me in a creative mood. My quest to own everything recorded by Mick and the gang continues.

I've been crunching numbers and receipts into spreadsheets and worksheets and timetables. I have to compartmentalize my world when I'm getting ready for the annual trip to the accountants. All the paperwork is now complete, but the discipline has spilled over into my real life. It's taking me a little time to switch from one hemisphere of my brain to the other - I've been keeping a To Do list every day, and I had to actually write down "work on Bead Journal Page" for today.

I believe a little quiet time with a pile of beads ought to set me to rights.


  1. simply red has been one of my favorite groups for years...and holding back the years one of my favorite songs still...

  2. I have to confess that I've never heard Simply Red (that I'm aware of). May have to check it out now!

    Your red challenge piece was my choice for first place. Guess I should have voted more often! ;- )

  3. But yours was the best! Who could have won over yours?


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