Way More Than 52

Wendy Seaward and her fabulous masks are Inspiration #13.

My list of 52 Inspirations has stretched into infinity - it runneth over here.

Every single member of the Etsy Beadweavers Street Team is a wellspring of ideas and brain sparks.

Does it seem like cheating? Maybe so, but I have two journal pages to finish in the next two weeks and no time for surfing & exploring!


  1. Hi! Gotta tell you that BAD (beaded art doll group) over on Yahoo were admiring your doll & posted a link. I had to go over & visit your Etsy shop. LOVELY! I know we've run into each other somewhere as I recognized your work. I'm Dot. SpeedieBeadie. Would love to chat with you about Etsy sometime. BTW...everyone was drooling over your dolls.


  2. Now I totally feel like a chump after looking at Seaward's site. Bah.


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