Simply Red

Ah, Mick.

The current challenge for the Etsy Beadweavers is to work up something in red. I've been working on overcoming my Fear of Red for several years. Dolls I can do in red, but for some reason I balk at designing red jewelry.

In any case, as I was ruminating on this subject, I remembered how much I liked the music of Simply Red; most particularly the vocals of Mick Hucknall. Next thing I know I've gone out and bought four CDs, pre-ordered the official bio of the band at Amazon, bookmarked every site I could find and am about to figure out how to embed a video.

This video was taken from the live performance at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in November of 2006.

I'm trying to work out why I'm obsessing over this group. Why them? Why now?

Back to the design board. November page is half done. December page has been sketched. Sold off some bits at Etsy over the past few weeks and I need to do something to restuff my shelves there.

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