November Page Accompli!!

Day of the Dead/All Hallows Eve

Halloween. Samhain. The night when the veil between the worlds of existence grows thin, and the possiblity of passing from one side to the next is greatest. This is the night I journey to find my loved ones, to ask them to join me on the Day of the Dead, to celebrate their lives.

On the right is a representation of this journey. I am wrapped in a cloak of night, with only the remembrance of love to warm me from within, as I step through the Veil. I chose this stone for my body, as it seemed to me to be lit from its center, while being shot through with veins of black, like ribbons of sorrow. In my dreams, the Veil is ephemeral, gauzy, within a landscape outside of time and space.

On the left is my Day of the Dead Altar. A candle is lit for the soul of each of my loved ones who have passed from this life, to help them find their way back to me. There is an extra candle lit for the Forgotten Soul. The candles are surrounded with marigolds, whose strong scent will also help them to find me. They loved flowers, so I give them two vases filled with all sorts. The sugar skulls are to honor the sense of fun and play we all shared.

Now, to recap, here is what six months' worth of bead journal pages looks like in its "bound" state:


  1. What an amazing body of work you have here! You must be so proud of your accomplishments...

  2. Happy Holidays, Morwyn!

    Your lovely work inspires me so greatly. Can't wait to get back to work on my beaded journal pages this week, too.

    Kathy V in NM

  3. Wow! Your journal is lookin great! :D

  4. Stunning, incredibly creative and beautiful!
    pam T - Wisconsin

  5. Morwyn, this piece is stunning! I am in awe of and touched by how beautifully you showed the journey of crossing through the veil. Ephemeral - a landscape outside of time and space - looking at your piece, we are right there with you. And aren't you proud of your work... it looks awesome all together like that. Congratulations! Robin A.

  6. Wow, again a great piece of yours !

    It's nice to see the variations on your theme, and your ring looks really good, almost magic.

  7. there aren't enough superlatives, darn it!

  8. Day of the Dead is one of my favorite holidays. Love your piece and the way you've made it so personal. I'm anxious to get back to my BJP pages and get caught up!

  9. Looking at your work again today and enjoying it all over again! Makes me wish I had beaded solidly, which is my normal mode. For the BJP, I decided to try letting the fabrics show and be part of the whole story. Although it's been fun to try, your work makes me miss the effect of solid, textural beading! Warm, loving happy new year to you! Robin

  10. Love your beaded journal pages! Awesome!

    Inky Hugs,


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