Ho Ho Hooooo! My Hands Are Killing Me!!

You may be wondering why there are no beading photos lately.

Tis the season. We decided this year to give the gift of homemade and handmade. For a whole bunch of reasons - not the least of which is the complete and utter frustration and disgust with the commercialization of the holidays. The relentless, insulting advertising. The stores filling up with red and green crap the day after Halloween. The pervasive and obnoxious Muzak, jingling my nerves instead of bells.

Anyway. The baking and the knitting are finally finished. 30 loaves of holiday breads (fruitcake, peanut butter/chocolate chip/orange, cranberry/pecan, gingerbread) and 10 dozen cookies (applesauce jumbles, ginger creams, ranger cookies) are now wrapped and ready for gifting.

Actually, I tell a lie. I'm not quite done with the cookies - I still have to glaze and frost some of them, but my back was just screaming. By the time I pulled the last cookie sheet out of the oven this evening, I surrendered. A nice little brandy&soda and a handful of Advil along with at least 7 hours of sleep ought to see me well enough to get things finished in the morning.

Four chunky knit watchcaps and three fuzzy neckwarmers have been knitted and are also wrapped and ready for the mail. I decided to break out my yarn stash this year. Each one of the watchcaps was knitted with at least 5 strands of different sorts of yarn, ranging from fine-spun mohair to chunky novelty yarn to ribbons, using size 15 needles. I felt like I was knitting in mud, it was such a long, slow slog. I had to keep stopping to rest my fingers after every third row or so. Working with giant needles and fat yarns is very tiring, but I do love the way all the hats turned out:

The fuzzy little neckwarmers were done up with some fun eyelash yarn I found at a great yarn shop in Omaha over three years ago. At the time I was a little concerned about paying so much - even on sale I think they were about $8 per ball, but I see how lovely and soft they worked up and I'm glad I broke down and went for the quality goods:

While I'm proud of myself for finally using up a substantial chunk of my yarn stash, I wish I'd found this book a little earlier:

Clicking here will take you to Ms Radford's website for her book. I have GOT to teach myself how to do felting - I love the little bowls on Page 76-79. Maybe next year.


  1. God luv ya, Morwyn -- I know just how you feel. My living room has looked like a yarn shop for the past six weeks! Packed most of it up last night except for my husband's sweater -- who knows when that will get done . . . having six kids and their attendant families sure can keep a body busy with making gifts.

    Kathy V in NM (haven't even started baking yet down here)

  2. Hi Morwyn: Like Kathy V said, God luv ya !! I've been working on 2 dozen little teeeny-weeeny bottle-cap pincushions and knitting a little jacket for my grandbaby girl who will probably out-grow it before I get it done, ha : ) but I too feel the same about the commercialism of the season but I do love the season, soooooo, I'm doing as much handmade as possible. thanks for sharing the OneSkein book, I will probably get it as I too want to learn to felt.
    Love & hugz, Sandra : )

  3. I'm going to have to check out that book...I have lots of little balls o' yarn every which where.


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