Madness, Illness, & An Anniversary

My October page, completed, and titled Water/The Undine. I've been slowly catching up on projects too long neglected. And possessed of a certain madness, started a few more. I came up with some designs for gothic Yule jewelry and I couldn't rest until I got some of them pulled together.

In spite of my best intentions NOT to get sick this year, I came down with a monster cold. Along with half the population of the country, it seems. After almost ten days, I finally got my voice back yesterday.

Which was great timing. Friday, Saturday and today we celebrated our ten-year anniversary of running our bookstore. We filled the place with helium balloons and set out a tray of cookies - we gave away the tote bags I made and visited with a lot of old friends and sold a lot of books. My favorite part of these celebrations is always the balloons. Just looking at them makes me feel happy.

To get back to the subject of madness, I really am glad I reopened my Etsy shop, but now I'm having second thoughts about the destash shop. There's just this overwhelming amount of work that needs doing - I thought I might start slow with it by listing all the craft books I'm weeding out, but even that will take a huge chunk of time.

I'm looking at my schedule for next week and I'm exhausted just thinking about what's ahead.

I gotta get more sleep.


  1. What a lovely page !

    Happy anniversary too :o)

  2. congratulations on your 10th year anniversary!

  3. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful,I lost my breath. Just so lovely. Julie C

  4. Beautifully done, as always Morwyn. Hope your bug is gone and you get to do more wonderful, mad things!

    Kathy V in NM

  5. Morwyn, This is just beautiful. You are going to have a great journal when you are through.


  6. I really like your October page. There is so much to look at and a lot of layers and texture.
    What I like to do when I feel over whelmed it to write. I might make a list of things to do...just so I don't have to keep thinking about them. Then I have learn to write down the next step as this is the only thing that we do to getting something done...we keep doing the next step.
    Dance and Breath in Deeply.
    Sleep it important you know.

  7. This is breathtaking! Keep up the wonderful work:)


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