Dragging My Feet

I don't know why, but the past few days I've been alternating between working on a dozen projects at once or hiding from all of them. *sigh* The two extremes actually amount to the same thing, don't they. Avoidance. I can't seem to settle on any one thing and give it all I have. I feel scattered to the winds.

For lack of any meaningful progress reporting, here's Inspiration #6:

I put this on my Amazon wish list this morning. I love nearly all of the "500" books in the Lark Books series - there's a whole lotta brain sparks to be found in them.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was finishing up a lot of older projects. After three months, I did manage to finish making an eyeglass case out of the Sunrise I beaded back when, but it sold before I could take a new scan of the finished work - it sold today, actually.

Posted this on Etsy this evening - I call it "Crazy Quilt 2":

I should do a flat scan of the entire piece to show off all the embroidery at once. I'll try to remember to do that before I open the store tomorrow (just in case lightning strikes twice.)


Heehee. I remembered!


  1. Hi Morwyn,
    That book looks wonderful, I have it on my wishlist, too! I've been telling my relatives all about my amazon wishlist lately. Heehee :-)
    Doesn't it feel great to finish a project, especially one that's taken several months to complete? I just finished my October BJP after working on it on and off for a couple of months. While I enjoyed the process of creating it, I'm glad to move on to something else now.
    Gorgeous eyecase!

  2. Your eyeglass case is beautiful! I wish I was motivated to make something that simple... :0

  3. I am all to familiar with the avoidance tactics you've described. Here's hoping whatever you need will fall into place and you can get going on something, ONE thing, ANYthing!

    Going to have to add that book to my wish list too...

  4. Argh! Now I need to send my husband yet another wish list item -- that book looks just too wonderful.

    Love your design on the eyeglass case!

    Kathy V in NM


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