52 Inspirations - Here's a Start

I can't make a post without a picture. And I do love those colors.

It was Mandi who inspired me to give this some thought. (I guess that makes her the actual Inspiration #1) One of my sources of inspiration was the AlteredBooks Yahoo group (#3). I was an active member some time back, and was continuously challenged to stretch my artistic concepts, to learn and to grow. My favorite thing was the monthly color challenge - useful when you find yourself stuck in a rut of using the same colors over and over. If you think you're going stale, give this a shot:

Pick three or four numbers between 1 and 50. Don't look at the list beforehand - that sort of defeats the purpose. Click on this link to see the list, which was originally devised by Karen in Thornton, CO from the Yahoo group I mentioned. Oh, and feed the cat while you're there.

Find the colors that correspond to your numbers.

Now the challenge is to make the resulting color combo work, somehow, in a piece of art - whatever your medium happens to be; altered books, ATC's, beadwork or whatever you want.

Kinda like yoga for your color sense. Neat, huh?


  1. What a mystically beautiful photo.
    I enjoyed reading Mandi's post about 52 Inspirations and put that book on my "library queue".
    Oh, what fun I had playing the number/color game! What a great idea. My colors are turquoise green, fuschia, paynes gray and copper. And now the question is: what shall I create with my colors? :-)


  2. Wanted to leave a comment before I followed the link you set out for us. Love that Hubble photo you used for this post! One can spend a lifetime being inspired by each and every one of those Hubble photos -- the color combinations are awesome and sometimes very difficult to match.

    Thanks for your inspiring post today!

    Kathy V in NM

  3. Great picture. I understand why you like those colors.
    Picked my colors: Fuschia, Prussian Blue, Indian Yellow, and Carnation pink. Hmmmmmmm. Have to think about this.
    Thanks for the idea.

  4. Oh, this was great fun. And to my surprise, the colors turned out to be the colors I've been using for both August and September... brick red, golden rod, gold and lavender. Guess that means I should keep the same color box for October?! Thanks for the fun post and beautiful Hubble photo!

  5. Very cool. My colors came out to be burnt umber - which always makes me think of Italy and Crayola crayons - silver, cobalt blue and ivory. I will have to play that game again. I tried not to look at the other colors when I found mine. The Hubble photos are always wonderful and very inspiring.

    Nancy K.

  6. Sounds like fun! One of my I will be using this color challenge often. :)

  7. What a great game. I picked silver, gold, carnation pink and ivory and just sat here chuckling. I was just picking out colors for September's piece and had picked out gold, silver and ivory and orange....and the colors I picked from the list were gold, silver, ivory and carnation pink....I am going to have to work that color in somehow. Thanks for the post and the inspiration.

  8. My colors are turquoise green, burnt orange, dark violet, and robin's egg blue. Sounds doable to me. I didn't look at the other colors either so I can play again!


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