52 Inspirations - Here's a Start

I can't make a post without a picture. And I do love those colors.

It was Mandi who inspired me to give this some thought. (I guess that makes her the actual Inspiration #1) One of my sources of inspiration was the AlteredBooks Yahoo group (#3). I was an active member some time back, and was continuously challenged to stretch my artistic concepts, to learn and to grow. My favorite thing was the monthly color challenge - useful when you find yourself stuck in a rut of using the same colors over and over. If you think you're going stale, give this a shot:

Pick three or four numbers between 1 and 50. Don't look at the list beforehand - that sort of defeats the purpose. Click on this link to see the list, which was originally devised by Karen in Thornton, CO from the Yahoo group I mentioned. Oh, and feed the cat while you're there.

Find the colors that correspond to your numbers.

Now the challenge is to make the resulting color combo work, somehow, in a piece of art - whatever your medium happens to be; altered books, ATC's, beadwork or whatever you want.

Kinda like yoga for your color sense. Neat, huh?