When It Starts Out One Way

Then ends up another, sometimes it's a pretty cool thing.

I strung the beads for this crocheted rope with the idea in mind of making it a nice, long lariat. I was about halfway through the crochet work when I thought about what I'd do for the ends - I'd picked out these great lampwork beads I bought on Etsy from Chickadeebeads.

I tried all sorts of combinations, and nothing felt right. Then it came to me - a shorter piece with a cluster of dangles - a mix of metal berry spacers, peacock pearls, and these great glass beads. I wore it yesterday at work and got quite a few complements.

I still have enough beads strung to crochet another one. Good job I bought a second set of lampwork beads from Chickadee.


  1. Beautiful! I love the knots, they definitely add a special touch. I've changed my mind halfway through a project myself. Or rather the beads told me to :)

  2. Morwyn, that is just so classic looking. It is beautiful.

  3. Yes, the lampwork beads are beautiful but it is the colorwork you employed with the rest of the piece that makes it stunning.

    So very lovely . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! I love the gradation of colors between the two ends. Your beadwork is just wonderful!

  5. Beautiful, I love the graduation of colours.


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