What I Found and What I Made

Rooting through a box of beads, I found a freeform peyote bracelet I'd made last year, set aside and totally forgot. "Tumbled October" is up for sale on lov.li and it's in the gift cabinet at the bookstore.

I kept my "recipe card" for the original Far Sunset so it can be redesigned from there, but I chose to leave the bead mix that resulted from the autopsy on The Far Sunset in its scrambled state. It resulted in The Exploded Sunset:

The scanner did the best job of rendering the colors, I think. I can never seem to capture these colors - even in natural light - my camera is intimidated by the sheer gorgeousness of the cuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. What a beautiful treasure to find in with your bead stash! The colors are perfect for this time of year.
    I love the bead color mix in your new cuff bracelet. Also great colors for fall. It is a "phoenix" bracelet!
    I'm curious - what is that structure you put your bracelets on in the photos? -Karen

  2. @ Karen: I "pose" my bracelets on a tube of handmade cold-pressed heavy weight watercolor paper, with the same type (different hue) of paper in the background.

  3. Your photos are always great -- what kind of lighting do you use?

    The bracelet is awesome!

    Kathy V in NM

  4. @ KV: I use a homemade light box for most of my jewelry photos - for the BJP photos, I use natural light, supplemented with a natural lighting lamp.


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