September Page: Ways of Working/Part 4

The principle beading is finished. Now what?

The piece has bits of cat hair, my hair, pencil marks, and so on - so into its own little bubblebath it goes.

All nice and shiny and almost dry, the corners are trimmed to reduce the bulk.

The corners get whipstitched together as the edges are turned back and pinned into place (a thin line of Gem-Tac is run along the inner creases first).

Meanwhile, the leather backing is prepared by inserting grommets across the top, then slathering it with a very thin coat of Gem-Tac.

The pins get removed and the piece is sandwiched firmly together. The page is left to dry and bond overnight.

The edges are whip-stitched together with beads, and

TA DA!! Another page accompli!

Sorry no poem this time. I've got an APB out for my muse . . .


  1. I never thought of washing my beadwork... :)

  2. It's really just a bit of a rinse in a teeny bit of Woolite.

  3. I like your new way of taking us through the steps. You make it look so easy.
    I like this new piece, it is probably because it is darker, I am more comfortable with those colors.

  4. This is magical, Morwyn. Bet that muse is off resting somewhere in preparation for NANOWRIMO . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  5. I LOVE this!!! Did I miss you telling us what the stones are? They are beautiful! And your work is impeccable! How long have you done bead embroidery? Wow! Also, thank you so much with your generous explanation of how you put your pages together! I'm still not sure how I'll do mine, but if I'd known what you know, I may have started differently!
    KV...what is NANOWRIMO?
    Morwyn, you ARE the muse! And a great inspiration! Thank you!
    With aloha, CC

  6. Totally awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your finishing steps.... more awesome! You rock! Robin

  7. Love, love, love the piece and really love how you show how you're finishing your pieces. Helps me a lot to figure out how I'll be finishing my pieces. All of mine are not ready for mounting.

  8. another thank you and awesome!

  9. Wow, it's beautiful, the colors wonderful.

    Love the shot of the bubble bath and all the other steps you take to finish it.

  10. What type of stitching did you do around the outer borders? Did you just stitch down beads with seed stitch but really close together? It almost looks like taking glue & pushing beads into the glue. I love the look you get & would love to know how you did it.

  11. @cc: The head is a citrine cab, the body is a chunk of agate; I've been a beader for about 12 years and into the embroidery side of things for about three years - mostly self-taught. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month which is November - you can google them for more info.

    @cindy: The filling stitch I did for the outer borders was done with size 15 beads in a sort of boucle stitch - I make a tiny loop of three beads in each stitch and sort of crowd them together to get that pebbly effect.

  12. As always, just gorgeous! I had to slow down a tad due to heavy work load, but I'm not far behind you. Hope to finish Sept this weekend. Your work has such a nice flow to it. Moves your eye easily.

  13. Geez, absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could run my fingers over it. I bet the texture is great. {happy sigh}

  14. baileyiley1I had been wondering who you were, and now I know from the slide show. I had been admiring your work on ESTY forever! How long does it take to do an Art doll?
    It would seem forever...

  15. @ FabFibers: An art doll takes anywhere between 100 to 150 hours to cover with bead embroidery.

  16. Hi!
    Thanks for making me a Flickr contact! I'm so new to this I didn't even know what it was or how to do it! I do now tho'!
    I am so inspired by your work! And proud to have you as a "contact"/friend! :)
    With aloha,

  17. I love watching your works in progress, thank you for showing us all :)
    Someday I may try the bead journal pages... Someday.

  18. I saw this a while back and am sorry that I didn't leave you a message then. I was totally taken with the way you bound this page...The binding itself is a work of art. The colors are very soothing. I really like your work!!!
    Thanks for Sharing this with us!!


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