BJP Progress Report: Page Accompli! (#3)

Lughnasadh Haiku

First golden harvest
Soft sunlight on the new field
Warm scent of apples

Plow under all past hurts
Plant only what is wished for
Warm scent of turned earth

Speak hope to the stars
Feed black fears to the hearth fire
Warm scent of cornbread

One hand in one hand
A reaching, stretching, giving
Warm scent of ginger

Open your own book
Fill up every page with you
Warm scent of leather

© Morwyn 2007

This month's page is a scan instead of a photograph, and I didn't take the time to document my progress this month - actually, I was surprised with a gift of some unexpected free time and was able to finish this month's page much sooner than I had anticipated. This is a good thing, as I realized NaNoWriMo is rapidly approaching and I'll be concentrating on that through the month of November. With any kind of luck I'll be at least one beaded journal page ahead by then.


  1. Very nice. The colour scheme is very earthy, but the page feels very sensuous to me.


  2. veramente interessante.
    i colori sono molto caldi e armoniosi.
    la figura in basso, coronata di stelle, rappresenta una donna?
    ciao matilda

  3. Wow, that was quick.
    I love it, it is so personal.
    I really like the way the colors that you add to the fabric make it look.

  4. i like the new blog layout!

  5. Wow... wonderfully rich colors and the rainbows are a nice touch. It's just beautiful in every way.

  6. New growth on a page
    Beaded till heart is contented
    Shared with friends alike

    Loved looking at this and reading poem.

  7. When something comes from the heart, it is easy to finish quickly. Such a lovely tone poem both in words and beeds for your special relationship.

    Kathy V in NM

  8. A beautiful page. I love the colors and movement.

  9. I love your poem with your amazing work Morwyn! Lillian :o)

  10. Hi Morwyn, I love the earthy richness of your page. Your work is so blow-me-away gorgeous! The haikus conjure up images that are so in harmony with your beadwork. I'm looking forward to seeing your next page! -Karen

  11. I enjoy your work very much. I am hoping we could swap blog info so I can send other artists your way. My blog is www.ferryfolk.com and i would love to exchange info. Thanks, Rene

  12. Your pages just amaze me!!! Truely beautiful beading and thoughts that come to be. I admire your work.


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