When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go.

With the flow, I mean.

So I was all fired up about the next phase of beading the journal page. I was rooting through my seed beads and I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. My version of Melusine, as a beaded doll. I had set her aside almost a year ago when my inspiration sort of poofed away. I looked at her bare legs and it came to me what to do -

So the journal page will have to wait a bit while I finish up Melusine. She's a water creature, where Valeria Gloria is a fire creature. She'll have a Kraken to care for, as Valeria will have her dragon.

I'll have to live to at least 102 to get these things finished.


  1. This is a fascinating series you're working on, morwyn...how did it come about?

  2. Gawd... I love your beaded faces! I will tracking your progress on this one

  3. Morwyn, have you ever seen the sign that says," you can not die until you finish all your projects"....with that said, I will be about 734.
    This is another awesome doll, your work never ceases to totally captivate me.

  4. Holy smokes! That doll is rockin'!!! Really enjoy the slide shows on your blog too!


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