BJP July Progress #3

I didn't expect to have another update up so soon - I swear I'm pacing myself. I swear.

I'm trying something new with this page. I wonder if, in the end, the effect of this might not be readily apparent. I'm trying some underpainting. I noticed last month that many of the bead journalists were using printed fabrics as their canvas, so I decided to try "printing" my canvas of interfacing as I go along.

I tried a variety of inks, markers, pencils and paint, but ended up deciding to use permanent markers - a bold move considering my penchant for changing my mind constantly. Anyway, Sharpie makes a bunch of colors, and I had a bucket of them in my office - here's a closer look at the piece:

The photos give a false sense of where this is going. The bead colors I'll be layering over the underpainting won't be the same; they might be complimentary or contrasting, depending on the effect I want to achieve. I'm really excited about the next stage in the beading; I can't wait to see what happens next!

BTW, I came across a curious fact: More people are born in the month of July than any other month, with October running a hot second. Cool, huh?


  1. I would be excited too -- this is a wonderful piece -- I'll be watching to see your progress -- I really love it.
    Beadin' Gram

  2. I love the concept of using the markers to color the background.
    One of the things I don't like about my pieces is that you see the beige of the canvas showing through.
    Can't wait to see the beading on top of the coloring.

  3. I'm getting excited myself! This is a really stunning piece!

  4. I keep having to slow myself down too, so if you keep it slow and steady, I'll try to pace with you...lol!

  5. Oh I haven't tried the sharpies yet.
    I did use some fabric markers on my June piece. I love all the colors sharpie has come out with.
    I can't wait to see what your doing with this one Morwyn, it is already so beautiful. You work is incredible.
    That was a cool fact about July.
    I have noticed lately that I am meeting a lot of people born this month. My husband said it because 9 months before is November, and people are snuggling a lot, being it is the first month that it is really getting chilly. LOL...well its a thought.

  6. Looking Great !!! You will have to let us know how you feel the underpainting looks or effects the piece when you finish. Depending on your beads it may effect the overall look more than you expect. Keep up the good work.

    I am having a hard time pacing myself, too. It is all just too exciting.

    I am one of those October birthdays, Angie

  7. No wonder you can't pace yourself! Coloring your interfacing like that makes it very enticing. That might actually make it easier for me to start with a "blank" canvas and do solid bead embroidery. Right now my style of working is to piece a ground of many fabrics and simply embellish it with beads, etc. I'm going to keep this in mind... thanks for sharing!

  8. What a great idea! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. The colour is so much fun! Lumiere paints work too - they are soft, well, you can bead through it quite easily and they have a great sparkle. You can get them at Micheals in the fabric/t-shirt type area with the fabric paints. I am looking forward to seeing it beaded!
    Cheers, Denise

  10. This piece is yummy, love the stones.


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