My Little Trail of Painted Ponies

This is what I've been doing while waiting for lightning to strike re: August page. I found a bunch of these little ponies at a thrift store and got to thinking - one of the most wonderful art projects in recent memory is The Trail of Painted Ponies. I thought about all the jars of bead mixes I have and decided to make my own little trail.

The first in my herd is Monet, a spirited little filly. I've laid in the framework on which to build the peyote stitching that will eventually cover the whole pony. I found a website (I love the internets . . .) that gives hints and tips for removing the hair and decals from a Little Pony to prepare it for altering. To use the big faceted crystals I wanted for the eyes, I had to cut out the existing painted ones. Just after I did that, my partner walked into the room and said, "What is this? My Little Equus?"


  1. Morwyn --

    This is absolutely inspired stuff! Never would have thought of using those little guys in this manner.

    Kathy V in NM

  2. I don't think we play enough with our beads, thanks for reminding us to do so...I love those little ponies!

  3. I loved The Trail of Painted Ponies. It looks like yours will be just as awe inspiring. You go girl!

  4. Hello, just visiting. I think your pony idea is great. You do lovely work.

  5. I knew I told my mom to keep all those My Little Ponies for me for a reason.... LOL.


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