Intention, Budget, & Progress Report #2

When I began the Bead Journal Project, I had a very clear picture in my mind of what I was going to do, thinking I had everything I'd need right here on hand. Silly me. I could have SWORN I had enough leather scraps to back a dozen pages/purse flaps and to make the purse as well. Oh my, no I did not. The quality of leather I wanted was cost prohibitive considering my budget, but with a background in reutilization I trekked over to my favorite thrift store. I found this 80's Olivia-Newton-John-as-hooker jacket (the padded shoulders were ENORMOUS!). It had a tear in one sleeve and was on sale for only $4.50!

Not only did it yield enough yardage for the page/flap backs and the purse, but there's enough left over for a dozen bracelets and maybe even a hat. How cool is that.

So. Progress report time:

To answer the questions from my last progress report:

@ Brenda: I found the focal beads in a box of practice inlay slabs. Someone, somewhere, was practicing their inlay technique - layering thin slices of gemstone onto larger pieces of shale, sectioned off with thin strips of metal, then cut into shapes. You see this a lot in the New Indian Jewelry - scroll down for great examples. The pieces I used here have slices of coral, opal, obsidian, quartz and agate. The larger triangular piece is riddled with flaws and I chose it for that very reason. It was a little on the fragile side, so I gave it a coat of liquid glass to keep the slices from flaking off.

@ NancyK: The spiral necklace is just a regular spiral with different sized beads, including triangles.

@ freebird: For this project I had an overall idea and general direction, but when I get to the actual beading, things have a tendency to go their own way, hence all the scribbles as things progress.

The general theme for July is Fire, with a self portrait as a sub-theme (my birthday is this month), and it may even make sense at the end.


  1. Great find on the jacket! And I'm as enamored of this page, even in it's early stage, as I was of your first one. Your work really speaks to me!

  2. Morwyn, each time I see your work I am more in awe.
    I love shopping in the thrift stores for leather also. I found a wonderful teal ultra suede coat for a child I would say of about 11 that would have gone below the knees, lots and lots of ultra suede for 10 dollars, and a beautiful color.
    I didn't realize your birthday is this month also. Happy Birthday, mine is the 11th.

  3. Thanks sooooooooooo much for showing progress pictures. Since I've been doing bead embroidery for more than 20 years, I find myself pretty set in my ways. The BJP, and particularly your approach, have opened some new doors for me! Blessings, R

  4. I soooooooo like where this piece is going, Morwyn!

    Our youngest daughter turned 28 today. July is a wonderful month for birthdays!

    Kathy V in NM

  5. Morwyn, you have another great page in the making, can't wait to see this completed!

  6. Another beautiful page in the making!

    And what a great deal on the leather. I usually get to the thrift store about 2 minutes after people like you get the good stuff.

  7. This going to be stunning. Already is, actually.

  8. Thanks for replying on your methods. I never would have thought to go to a thrift store for leather! There are some people I know who would be quite certain I never think at all! :).
    I am learning so many different things on the BJP!


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