My Friend Flickr, Part The Second

I was at my Other Job all day yesterday, and since I have to wear sunglasses the whole time so as not to frighten the children, I can't wear my magnifiers and do any beading. So in my rare moments of spare time I managed to finish another Flickr set. It's a grouping of my bead embroidered and bead crochet pieces and it's here. Now I need to figure out how to put these slideshows in the sidebar . . .

Oh well. A larger task for another time. Back to the beads!


  1. Very beautiful details. The design is unique.

  2. I love this braclet !! I need to find out how to make one :) Do you know of any good sites that I can go to to learn how to do these ?

  3. @ designs by jenean: Thank you so much!

    @ amy: There might be something on about.com - I really don't know of any sites off hand. I wish I could remember which magazine I saw these in - but then, it was at least 3 years ago . . .

  4. this is just so awesome! I love the colors and the movement around the stones!


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