A Sunrise (Or Two)

The final work in The Sky Series is now done and will be in the mail to my customer today. I won't be accepting any more commissions until early fall. I'm turning my attention now to the Bead Journal Project.

You may be wondering whatever happened to all that fuss and bother about a charted bead design? Well, this is how it turned out:
Completely unsuitable as a bracelet, but Just Perfect for the topside of my new eyeglass case. I'll show that off once it's mounted to the suede.


  1. Beautiful beadwork! I really like how you showed the pattern and then the finished product so far, can't wait to see it when it is really finished as the eyeglass case.

  2. I like the colors in the bracelets. So purdy :)

  3. Just so pretty and I love the color combination. but my favorite so far is your Lariats they are absolutely gorgeous. Lou


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