I Watched The Sunrise This Morning

This was not it.

Obsessing is what I do best. Naturally I've been obsessing over sunrises. This morning I woke at 5 am. I looked out the "rumpus room" window and watched as the light grew in streaks across the thin, wispy white clouds. The window is a limited southern exposure so I couldn't get a good view, but it did drive me to continue my quest for the perfect sunrise to use as my inspiration.

I realized that I was complicating things more than necessary. I needed to take a step back and simplify. I came up with this outline, using the BeadTool I spoke of the other day.

Now I know this looks like a page from a coloring book, but the palette I'll be using has 29 different seed beads in various colors, shades and finishes. Because I have so much going on with the colors I needed to keep the shapes more simple.

And as usual, it looks like I'll have a big ol' pile of leftovers when this is done. When I decided to participate in the Bead Journal Project, I thought this will be a great way to use up my leftover bead mixes. My most recent work has given me my theme for this month - Day Into Night.

I revel in the serendipity of art.

1 comment:

  1. I love the sunrise. Sorry it wasn't yours!

    BeadTool must be a great help - I hope you can master it!



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