I felt like I was dog-paddling in molasses for the past week or so, trying to settle in to this sunrise bracelet. I made false start after false start. I realized the fault lay in myself, not in my stars. In order to create a sunrise, I'd need to take a true zen-like approach and be the sunrise. In other words, I had to acquire a sunnier disposish if I was going to make any headway.

Whenever I feel low, need a bit of balm for the soul, I turn to Mr. Wodehouse and his brainchildren, Jeeves and Wooster.

I came across the complete set of DVDs at the local Goodwill (for an obscenely good price) some while back and have used them almost as one would take an antidepressant. They never fail to cheer me up - they totally peg my silliness meter. It doesn't hurt that I am a major fan of Stephen Fry, either. I've been watching them back to back and it's done the trick. I've kicked back into gear and should have the last commissioned bracelet completed by Sunday at the latest, tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

Then it's full steam ahead on the Bead Journal Project for June!!

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