BJP Progress Report: Page Accompli!

summer solstice

the feather winds from the morning stars smell of lime and ginger
and stir and lift the desert floor in dusty clouds of pink and mauve
the sun rises, quickly, like a maiden from a pool, shimmering with reflections
and swiftly, swiftly these winds push us with insistence through the longest day.

the curtain falls in coppered indigo folds and a cinnamon breeze
settles us in heaps along a mountainside beneath reluctant starlight and
the world breathes out a waning energy; gravity claims us, bearing down,
preparing the landscape for dreaming, and being in dreams.

this shortest night will not be still; it swirls with stars & worlds as yet undreamt of,
and we, though seeming still, are wild alive and as we spin create the madness
and the beauty of our hearts' visions, placing them like points of light
along our ink dark journey's path, finding our way to the morning yet again.

© Morwyn 2007

In the language of the petroglyphs, the spiral tells the ones who follow that our journey continues from here.


  1. absolutely stunning...great work!

  2. Incredable!I am amazed and in awe of your talent. Great job!dc

  3. Morwyn, to say I am in awe does not come close. You have so described your work in words so beautifully.
    And to say I am in awe of the piece will never come close.
    It was a pleasure meeting you the other day, I look forward to returning to your wonderful store often. Thank you for sharing all of this piece with us, word, work and all.

  4. Fantastic! And I like the flickr thingy is cool too...I like the poses.

  5. Hey, that really turned out nice. And the poem to go with it was so nice too. Will you put the poem on the back of your page to keep it?

  6. Lovely poetry to accompany lovely, lovely work. Of course, it doesn't hurt living in New Mexico to truly understand the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, right?

    Just teasing -- this piece is truly stunning.

    Kathy V in NM

  7. Absolutely georgous. I really wish I could see this in the flesh. I've not done any bead embroidery (other than sprinkling a few beads onto an embroidery) so am intreged about the techniques used.

    I think this is stunning.

  8. Superbly done, all of it.

  9. Absolute candy for the eye as well as the spirit. Stunningly rendered, presented and poetically expressed.

  10. Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to post your reactions - and I'm so glad you all like it.

    @ sunni; it was lovely to meet you and your wolfman as well!

    @ freebird; I'll be making a separate , companion book for any writing I do related to the project.

  11. Breathtaking work! You've captured the mystery of the turning of the seasons so poeticly in both image and words.

  12. All I can say is, WOW, your piece is gorgeous, as is the accompanying poetry. It's been a great experience watching the piece develop over time.

  13. What a great piece! I'm looking forward to what you'll be doing in the next month.

  14. This page is great ("magnifique") !

    I am also enraptured by your peyote bracelets "Sunrise" and "Sunset", I wish I could do something like this !

  15. The way you merge the colors is fantastic.
    I enjoyed seeing the development of your peace from a couple of bigger beads to the completed page. Thanks for the effort of documenting.

  16. SO beautiful and poetic!!

  17. totally over the top awesome! I so wish I could just hold it to feel it move!

  18. Wow - so many of you responded to my work - I'm nearly speechless at all the wonderful reactions to my page. I'm touched, delighted, humbled. Thank you, all of you.

  19. I just love this! What talent it is just absolutely wonderful!


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