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The Bead Journal Project.

This is what I get for surfing the Bead Artists Who Blog ring. I found out about this and as I read more about the project, it was sounding a chord deep within me. Something about this just feels so right for me at this moment, in this space and at this time. The concept of the visual journal has always intrigued me. I've been a diarist since I was a teen but this is a horse of a totally different color. Now that I'm making more time to work on the art aspect of my chosen craft, I can see the value of documenting that phase of the journey in a more tactile way.

I dreamed about this last night. I dreamed my bead journal into being. I also slept like shit. Woke up groggy. And my coffee was so weak it made me mad. I know that's ridiculous, but there it is. I threw it all away and made some horridly strong instant stuff that somehow worked. I should have just thrown on my grandpa sweater and gone next door to the 7-11 in my slippers and jammies and got a decent cuppa joe. As it is, I feel like I'm still half in dream. And I have four more hours of The Other Job to slog through. Oi.

I've stopped accepting commissioned work for a while - I can't seem to get my head into that game. A dragon needs finishing, as well as the Melusine and her Kracken.

I managed to rework the spring challenge piece and I'm finally happy with it. At last I can clear away all this (shudder) pink, get it photographed and posted tomorrow.

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  1. love this graphic at the top--did you create it? I'm in the bead hournal project, also--found you there...


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