Feels Better In Here -

There's no reason for that picture - I just like it. I have the Astronomy Picture of the Day website bookmarked to open with my morning mail. Helps me keep things in perspecitive.

Now that I've let the seams out - my son the webwiz helped me to customize my blogger page here by trimming the margins - if anyone has trouble viewing this, please let me know by comment.

I should finish The Far Sunset this afternoon, but right now I need to post yet another of my Cool Dangly Bits to Etsy and lov.li. Oh yeah, and I need to eat something - missed lunch again.

Later that same day . . .

I finished The Far Sunset - pics will be up tomorrow. I just checked things over at Etsy and I'm in a treasury - it's been a while since that happened - I'm delighted to see it's one of my more intricate pieces.

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  1. I need one of those web wiz people! I know just enough html to be dangerous, but I haven't managed to get rid of those margins. I love the way your blog looks now!

    And I've always loved your beadwork, ever since the first time I saw it on Etsy.


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