Earrings For A Swap

I agonized over this - I made all kindsa earrings - little delicate pink things, big chunky gemstone chip things, and at last it came to me. Something a little southwestern, something different.

So here they are - The Calaveras!

Dia de los Muertos - The Day of the Dead - is a very distinctive holiday here in Nuevo Mexico. I thought I should share some of that unique flavor with my swap-mates.

I hope they like them!

And I sold a bracelet on Etsy - one of my embroidered cuffs! This is very heartening. I was losing hope. Here's the one that sold:

Darker Dreams


  1. Your pics are looking so great! I don't like wearing earrings, so rarely make them either.

  2. Just left you a comment on Etsy. Love your work, hopefully one day I will be able to bead such beautiful items, like you have made. Congrats on the sale.

  3. I was the lucky recipient of your earrings!! When I saw them on your blog, I was hoping I would get them :) Thanks so much!


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