The Bead Journal Project

Ever since I came across the mention of this endeavor, I've been consumed with the concept. Here's what I've decided to do: I'll be making my pages all 5" x 5", the same size as a CD, as it happens. I'm going to embroider the 5x5 pieces and back them with Ultrasuede, inserting a 1" strip of leather between the piece and the backing at the top. There will be three eyelets in the leather strip, and all the pages will be bound together with binder rings, for ease of detachment, and I'll be making a beaded book box to store them in.

Since I'm all about the multi-tasking, this will be no different. I'll be making a purse, too, that a single page can be attached to as the front flap. I'm really jazzed about this. I have all the pages plotted as far as space divisions go, but I'm leaving the details to the moment of work. I'm really looking forward to this. Once I get the commissioned bracelets done and gone, I'll really be able to throw myself into this - with the obligatory pauses in the action to get back at the dragon project.

I should take a moment to explain about the dragon. I made a doll I named Valeria Gloria, and she is a dragon rider.

She needed a dragon to ride, though. I found Melinda's Dragon. I made a few modifications to the pattern and built her form in muslin. I've been staring at this pale cream shape now for a year and a half, waiting for her to tell me what she wants me to do. At last, she's spoken to me and I can get rolling.

But first things first. The Far Sunset and The Mountain Sunrise await creation.


  1. She's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are so organized--I'm in awe. I really like the idea of having a binder set-up AND interchangable purse attachments. And being CD sized, you have ready-made templates!

    I have no doubt that dragon rider and dragon are going to be wonderful!

  3. I came up with a general plan too but not one that links one project to another! That is mind boggling. Wish I were that efficient. I'd get a lot more done!

  4. Wow! I love how you have planned all the technical details of the book right from the start. And your interchangeable purse flap idea is just genius!


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