The Bead Challenge

So I did this freeform peyote bracelet, using too much of my own bead soup, and I finished it last night. I got up this morning, looked at it, absolutely hated it. Hated everything about it. Tore it apart. Ten hours of work and I tore it apart. I'm going to go at it again this morning.

I've been making some interesting chunky glass single strand bracelets lately, in my "copious spare time." I need to photograph them and get them up on Etsy. I'm hoping to turn them around quickly. I've decided to do an economy line for bead money. This first series is called "My Warm Dangley Bits," then I'll do "My Cool Dangley Bits," to be followed by a necklace series I'll call "My Favorite Dangley Bits." My sketches are a mess or I'd share them here.

Back to work. Or I should say, back to rework.

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