Sugar Cookies!

Just posted this little cutie over on Etsy and lov.li:

This was a ton of fun to put together. The photos came out great on the first try. I may be getting the hang of this.

In spite of a crushing migraine, I've been working on another "frog princess" type necklace. Here's some shots of the work in progress:

I got an Etsy convo yesterday from the organizer of the Neighborhood Market. She wanted to let me know they've reduced the fee for the first two Saturdays. I went to the site and yes, indeed, they've dropped the fee a bit. But they don't have tables and chairs for rent, and they don't say where people are supposed to park. My problem would be one of logistics, actually. And I have a severe dislike of driving in the downtown area. I could take the bus there if all I had to deal with was the jewelry and table decor, but I can't see myself wrestling a table and chair, too, and I've imposed on my friends enough for one year to beg a ride.

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