Return of the Cold From Hell

I'm taking a forced vacation - again - while I battle a recurrence of that miserable virus that had me down for so long. Apparently I didn't fully recover before my partner and best mate went in for his shoulder surgery. The stress of that very long weekend weakened me to the point of relapse.

I've spent most of the Easter weekend huddled in a ball on the bed, trying to hack up a lung.

This is not conducive to any sort of creative frame of mind. However. I have loads of time for reflection. The sketches I've made in the past few days are almost incoherent, my notes a foreign language even to myself, but I have had some interesting ideas.

I recently picked up a copy of this:

This was an eye-opener and directional spin for me. It made me look at jewelry design in a way I never would have found on my own. To appreciate the form as art and not exclusively wearable art - hard to explain.

Time for my meds.

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