I finished this last night. I took photos today and as I handled it, wondering what to call it I realized the deep reddish copper tones reminded me of my cousin Lola - the color of her hair, the color of her freckles. When I was growing up out in California, Lola was my summer sister. I would spend a few weeks in Lodi with her and she would spend a few weeks at my house in Merced. Some of my best memories are of those long summer days spent talking with her, sharing secrets and ridiculing our mutual relatives.

I spent the whole morning re-photographing forty pieces of jewelry. Now I'll spend the afternoon editing all of my Etsy items. And the pictures, with only 2 exceptions, came out wonderfully.

Later, that same day . . .
Well, Etsy is one big ol' ball of spit at the moment. No one is able to edit, the images are loading slower than arctic honey, and apparently the view counters are dicked up. Again.

So I spent the day editing my items on Lov.li, and retagging those forty pieces. Tomorrow morning I'll be putting everything back in the display case - I've done some major price reductions.

Maybe I need to burn some sage in the gift cabinet.


  1. As usual, your work is beautiful...but this piece, is totally lovely. I love the style but the color just does it for me.

  2. Beautiful! Your work is amazing. I love the lizard pieces.

  3. This piece is gorgeous! That color is.... oh! I love it!
    You have a talent!
    (and I chuckled about etsy being one big ball of spit--there have been some frustrating moments in the past month!)
    Best wishes from Mama Trep


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