I Feel Better Now

I finished the commissioned medallion last night. Here it is:

Sam's Sand Dollar

AND I've been paid my deposit for the first of what may turn into seven bracelets for a client. Now I need to put together a black color mix for a flat peyote band for her. This really is my favorite part of the design process - getting all the elements together.

Now for some interesting news of the synchronous variety. I used to scan the local Craig's List to see if anyone had loose beads for sale. I hadn't done it in over three months and yesterday morning I thought about it and went to the site. A young woman had just posted a listing in which she was selling all her beads, storage, findings and tools for one price. I sent an email to her and called, leaving a message. Making a long story short, I was the first of many to call, first to see them, and the one that walked out with an enormous quantity of very cool stuff as well as one of the best storage systems I've ever seen, for an incredibly low price.

I still have over half of the beads to sift through, but what I've culled out so far has me dancin'. Once I get it all sorted out, I'll take a picture of the swag.


UPDATE: Sam came in to pick up the medallion this afternoon - and he LOVED it! YAY!!

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