Commission Work

I've taken on two commissions in the last few days - one a medallion and the other a set of bracelets. I've finally hit on an earring design I really like but need to perfect. And I might have two projects to put together for Step by Step Beads by Friday - waiting for a return email on that. In the meantime, the demands at the Other Job have increased (installing a new computer network along with some reorganization), and I feel a little overwhelmed.

I haven't done any beading in the last three days. This may be why I'm feeling off. It's surprising how much I need it in my life. It really is my meditation, my centering, my Zen.

I finally got all my Etsy pieces updated, with jazzed up photos and lowered prices. That took my spare time yesterday.

I feel the need. The need to bead.

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