And Another Raspberry Lizard!

Finished this up last night:

And now I'm working on some earrings.

What is it with me and earrings? I have the hardest time making them. I used to make polymer clay earrings by the ton. I sold them wholesale to the big new bookstore where I used to work, lo these many many years ago. I haven't really gotten back to earring design.

Is it that I don't wear earrings anymore? I mean, I do - but not like most people. I wear three different earrings - a tiny cubic zirconium and a small plain ruby stud in one ear, and a small pearl stud in the other. For sentimental reasons. And I rarely change them. I guess I just don't relate to earrings as art or as fashion statements these days.

This is the main reason I'm forcing myself to participate in an earring swap with a beading group. I need to get over this, this whatever it is.


  1. Your bead crochet skillz are awesome! I want to learn but I'd have to teach myself, and I don't know anything about crochet. I'll figure it out one of these days :)

  2. Honestly, there's no better way to learn than by taking a class. I tried for MONTHS to work it out with books of instruction, but until I took that class, I just didn't get it. A couple of bucks for a lifetime skill ain't bad!

  3. woww I've just heard your blog from about.com.. I took a litle look but everything I saw is gorgeous:)



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