The Way of All Things

Or at least all things with me - I finished the bigass cuff!! and decided the name was all wrong. So here's the first pic of it (I need to take another with better lighting):

And I Ran.

I really love the little charms dangling from the clasp. One says "trust" and the other "believe." It's a pictograph that tells a story. I just love this one and it's mine all mine.

Nan-Who-Is-Now-Creed came by the Other Job yesterday!! I haven't seen her in years! She wants to get together on Sunday and talk bead embroidery. She's gonna show me what she's been up to, and I'm gonna show her my dolls and we're gonna swap techniques. She reminded me of one of my favorite beaders - Robin Atkins - once I got into bead embroidery I searched the internet for more techniques or at the very least more examples - and that's when I found her stuff. If you've got some time, check out her blog, too - inspirational AND fun!

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