But the Camera, Not So Much

It gave me absolute fits today. Out of focus - a dozen shots in a row. I finally got it to do what I wanted, and so I present to you,

The Magical Fish That Grants Any Wish (in a nice cream sauce)
This is actually a scan of the whole fishy:

Here are the camera shots I got:

Fish Face

Fish Side

Fish Tail

Fish Button

A while back I mentioned one of my sources of inspiration, a French decorating magazine. The genesis of this "fish-t-cuff" was a photo of some wooden serving spoons that were carved and dyed to resemble fish, with the tails being the spoon bowls. I love the distressed French Country colors and used that palette. As it started to take shape, I was reminded of the fairy tale about the fisherman who catches a magic fish. The fish, in order to avoid being eaten, grants the fisherman a series of wishes, which end with the fisherman and his wife right back where they started. The story never says what happened to the fish after that. My idea on the subject is fairly evident in the title of the piece.

OH! And I got my contract from Interweave Press in the mail today - for the project I worked up for publication in StepByStep Beads. I'm pretty jazzed about that - now I've committed to doing two more projects.

Just wish the Etsy sales would pick back up.


  1. Gorgeous cuff! My favorite is peyote stitch, but I'm working on learning bead embroidery. Congrats on the projects for StepbyStep Beads, that's really awesome!

  2. Thanks, mandi! It's great to get feedback!


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