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Something fun happened the other day. I got an Etsy convo from Leslie Rogalski, the editor-in-chief of Step by Step Beads magazine. She saw my beaded bead bangles on Etsy and felt they'd make a great project. She asked me to write it up and submit it, and I finished doing so this afternoon. My only sticking point right now is that they also want a photo of the author. I don't have anything recent. Hell, I don't have anything old! Last time I had my picture taken it went onto my driver's license. Euww.

Having the Cold/Flu from Hell for the last few days hasn't made me all that photogenic, either. I'll get Asa to snap a pic tomorrow after I've had at least one more day of rest.

Here's two shots of the project:

This was a nice digression from the business at hand - to wit, the fact that (Big Surprise!) I took apart the bracelet I've been working on, Nothing Exceeds Like Excess. The focal bead, the big Chinese turquoise bead, was just too heavy for the sculptural peyote framework. I thought about it long and hard and decided to do a pictographic bead embroidery piece instead. So here it is as of this moment:

Sales on Etsy have slowed to nonexistent, but then I've been too sick to really care. My focus has been on getting rid of the rest of the magazines. Two weeks from today they come off the site, no matter what. They're getting in the way of the jewelry. I've been practicing my photography. I know I need to take much better pictures, since this is what will sell the pieces.

I'm putting together some card making kits I think might do very well on Etsy, too. Helps thin out my paper boxes in the back room stash. A dirty job, but it must be done. And sooner is better.

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