Went Bead Shoppin' - Oh My My

Before I get into that, here's today's item listed on Etsy.

I got to thinking about all the cool stuff beadshoppers were seeing there in Tucson, and I thought - it's been a while since I went over to Bead Obsession down on Central. And I am, as always, dee-lighted with my swag. My pal Jean took me for a quick run-through (spent $55 after 11 minutes of shopping - not bad) where I found some multi-strand connectors perfect for some projects I have coming up. And since when did Fireline start making their products in CRYSTAL?? Woo and likewise Hoo.

I must have been working some this morning - I can always tell because my fingernails look very, very ragged. And I still have so much to do - Well, like I tell my daughter, these beads ain't gonna weave themselves. So back to work - but first, another one of my Golden Oldies:

This is my "Little River Stone Cuff," and like its big brother, sports a stone I found down by the Rio Grande some years ago. This one has an antique replica button, as well as two hooks and eyes, for closure. The band was done in five-drop peyote (what a time-saver!) in one of my proprietary mixes. If you zoom the picture, you can see a crack in the stone which to my mind made it unsalable. Of course, I wear it all the time.

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