Today's offering on Etsy.

Today's my full day at my Other Job, so getting much done on the medicine bag is going to be a little tricky. Separating the energies and switching focus are just a little beyond me on some days. The morning has been hectic, but things should calm down considerably after the lunch hour.

It feels like spring wants very much to begin, and to honor that, here's one of my sunnier pieces from another time and not too long ago:

I called this one "The Marigold Band." I know now I should have put more orange into it, but at the time I was completely nuts about this yellow mix. It's a flat peyote band with three little glass rounds as buttons.

I've made a few changes to the front page of my Etsy shop, and as I was preparing to do my blog today, I realized I need to do some serious reorganization of my merchandise picture files. That may be tomorrow afternoon's project. See, I have them saved on three different computers, plus some on a memory stick. Consolidation would not be amiss. Yikes! I have some out there in cyberspace, too, on PhotoBucket!! Eep!

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