Sweet Sixteen

This is such a cutie, I'm tempted to keep it for myself. Of course I won't, I'm just saying I'm tempted.

I took the day off yesterday from my Other Job to just sit and deal with all the feelings that came up with the announcement of my first grandchild's entrance into the world.

It's Charlie!

My zen, my mental refuge, has always been to keep my hands busy. Yesterday I posted some pictures of a work in progress. By 1:00 this morning, I thought I was done.

I call this one, "The Stars Came Out At Noon Today." I say I thought I was done. I'm not thrilled with the clasp, so this afternoon I'll be replacing it and with any luck I'll have it up on Etsy tomorrow.

Oh! And look what I bought on Etsy yesterday! I can't wait to work this into a neckpiece I'm hatching!

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