The Stars Came Out At Noon Today

Right here. I love the way the embellished net bracelets feel - so sensuous. They sort of slither around your wrist. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

I got an Etsy convo the other day from Kackleboan, maker of fine trollops, who wanted to know a little more about my medicine bag, specifically about the "Spanish Lace" netting stitch. So I took some pictures, hoping to illustrate the technique.

Here I have all my stuff collected up for the project - I'm not actually going to use the cream colored beads in my final piece - I'm just using them here to illustrate because the contrast is better. I'm using Size 5 bugle beads (11 mm), size 11 seeds (the dark ones) and size 15 seeds (the cream color). I prefer to use #12 sharps and Fireline 4lb for my needles and thread. I start with about 2 yards of thread and attach a stop bead. Then I string 1 bugle, *2 15s, 1 11, and repeat from * ten times, then 2 more 15s and a bugle. That's Row 1. Now I add another bugle and ladderstitch it to the bugle next to it, beginning Row 2. Thread on 2 15s, then PT (pass through) the 11. String *2 15s, 1 11, 2 15s, and PT the next logical 11. Repeat from * five times, then string 2 15s and a bugle. Ladderstitch this bugle to the first one in
Row 1, then string another bugle, ladderstitching it to the last one in Row 2, making it the first bugle in Row 3. Now you string on *2 15s, 1 11, 2 15s, and pass through the next logical 11. Repeat from # to the end, where you'll add another bugle, ladderstitching it to the bugle in Row 2,

then add another bugle by ladderstitching for the first bead in Row 4. That's the basis for the net. I'm not very good at explaining things, and I don't know how much detail you can see in the photos, so if you have any questions or need clarification, just use the "comment" feature here and I'll try to help! ADDED: Ladder Stitch explained a LOT more clearly than I could!

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