Six More - I'm Losing Steam!!

Number 24 is up, and I'm getting distracted - the whole idea of selling these great magazine back issues is consuming me. While I was talking to myself (blogging) about this, it occurred to me I could cross-promote ALL the craft books I have for sale at The Other Job. With this thought comes the idea I could enter ALL the craft books onto our online bookstore at abebooks.com, creating a category just for them. Actually managing the site. There's a concept.

Hence the loss of steam for the current committment, which is to post 30 items in 30 days. I'm still working on the medicine bag - almost done with the top fringe - and now I'm trying to decide on what to do for the strap. Most likely I'll go with a spiral stitch. It's a little time intensive, but then - what about this project HASN'T been. Sheesh.

Now. What else did I used to make?

Le Tigre, another embellished net stitch band done up with amber glass seed beads, tigereye chips and an antique replica clasp. I made two of these, and it occurs to me I should make another sometime soon. Tigereye and garnet are big sellers for me.

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