Only Five More and Goal!

Today's entry. Buried in the listings between multiple back issues of Belle Armoire - one of the few craft mags I ever subscribed to. That and Somerset Studio. I think I subscribed to Expression, too, while it lasted. I'm not entirely sure, but I think they stopped publishing it. The last issue I can find anywhere is Jan/Feb 2006. I started posting the back issues of BA yesterday morning - and it got kinda crazy. There I was, multi-tasking at my Other Job, and I was about half through what I'd planned to do when it looked like Etsy had eaten a couple of my entries - it turns out I had an immediate sale on one of the back issues, as well as selling the "Mayan Rabbit God" neckpiece.

And speaking of sales, here's the North Coast Cuff, the item I posted to Etsy on 8 Feb.

I plop it in here to memorialize it. It sold this afternoon here at the shop. WooHoo!

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