I Got This Bead, See . . .

I bought a bead. One bead. I paid $29 for one bead. I can't believe I've made that leap. I have fallen in love with lampwork beads. Not a craft, art or skill I intend to cultivate myself - just one I find worthy of slavish adoration when it hits the level of perfection I have found here:

Susan Jones Designs. I Love Her.
But I spent most of the day working on this bracelet for myself - I dreamt a name for it last night. Here is the work in progress:

And here's a close-up of the skeletal beginnings of . . .

Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

I put in an application today to join the SRAJD (Self Representing Artist jewelry Designer) group. Stumbled upon them during a websurf break today. Every little bit helps.

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