Happy Valentine's Day All Over The Place

One of the problems with being in retail is that you become hardened against actually feeling the spirit of most holidays - especially the manufactured ones like Mother's Day - but I think Valentine's Day is different. At least it is for me. For all its heartbreak of dreams unfulfilled and overblown protestations of enduring (yet short-lived) love, I still find it a charming day; an archaic symbol of the persistence of hope, and the astonishing capacity of the human for self-delusion. But enough of that.

To the business at hand: Today's entry. This marks 29 items posted in 29 days. Tomorrow the medicine bag goes up and I will retire to a simpler schedule of weekly posting, both to my online store and here. I'll reflect on that more tomorrow.

One last look backward.

I made this neckpiece as a companion to The Lizard sculptural peyote bracelet. They were commissioned pieces for a young woman who disappeared the day after I called her to let her know they were complete. Eventually both pieces sold, separately, to other folks, but I learned a very valuable lesson from this. First and foremost - always collect 75% of the item's price BEFORE beginning the work. And have a signed contract. We live and learn.

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