Down To A Sunless Sea (Medicine Bag)

It is finished. And I love it. It came out so beautifully.

And I thought about listing it today, but I just can't. Not yet. I need to keep it with me a while longer. Working on it, sporadically, over the past week, I realized I didn't really want to finish it. I wanted to stay in that place in my mind while I worked on it - a peaceful, quiet time in my soul - the memories of that Northern California coastal trip - the lighthouses, the fog, the sea birds.

And so this is today's offering on Etsy. This was the last remnant of my love affair with Picasso jasper (the red toned ones) but the beginning of my romance with copper - which persists to this day.

I'm giving my head and hands a rest for a bit while I contemplate the mysteries of Chinese turquoise. *sigh* Only two more entries and I can stop talking to myself (blogging) for a while.

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