Counting Down: Seven To Go!

This makes twenty-three. WooHoo! I wish I could say I finished the medicine bag last night, but what I can say is that I'm nearing completion. I finished fringing the bottom, so all that is left is to fringe the top and make the strap. I may be looking at tomorrow at the earliest for listing it.

As part of my massive seed-bead roundup the other day, I came across a stash of 35 craft magazines I haven't looked at in quite some time - Belle Armoire, Expression, and Somerset Studios. I decided to divest myself, and so gave them to my Other Job (the used book store). It's always hard for me to let go of Really Useful Things. Now that I think about it, I might just list them on Etsy!! I'll have to scrape up some ambition, but what the heck.

I was going to post some pics of my progress - but I'm still much farther behind than I care to admit. So here's another Pretty from the Past:

This was titled "The Lizard." I loved making this freeform peyote piece. I made a companion necklace for it, as well. I might show it off tomorrow - but enough for now. Back to work.

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