Best Laid Plans and All That

I really meant to post again last Thursday, but life has a way of poking you in the eye, waking you out of a really good dream.

Today and tomorrow will be maintenance days for the blog here - apparently there's an option to slap metatags on each post, which I had not done. My graphics library needs an overhaul, too.

My Other Job has been taking a fair chunk of time. I've got a bit of site maintenance to do over there as well. My creative time, my assembly time, shrunk up as soon as I hit my goal the other day.

Now I'm rattling around, trying to settle on which long-term project to tackle next. I've got this huge cuff bracelet I've been working on for myself - it's still skeletal, but I'll take some pics of it this afternoon. I have The Melusine, my next Mythic Doll, with only legs and hands to finish. I have the dragon waiting. Patiently waiting. And I still have that embroidered cuff - the one I started this blog with - to work up. And guess what. I'm taking that apart again. It's just not going where I want it to.

The magazines have been selling pretty well. I still have a dozen, but I make a forum post about them now and again on Etsy and off they go.

I have not been all together idle. As I've spent more time at The Other Job, I've managed to snatch a moment or two in continuing the downsizing of the craft area. I've been working on my cache of paper.

Next Time: Confessions of a Paper Hoarder

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