Bead Embroidery - My First Love

I mention it as I post my latest item on Etsy. I really do love doing bead embroidery - it's my absolute favorite beading technique of all time. It's not the most commercially successful technique, given the time and effort that goes into a piece, but for me the results are the most rewarding.

Time for a progress report on the medicine bag -

Hey - nice picture of my new tea bowl, there. But let's get a little closer -

Now while it might not look like I've made much headway, in fact I have. I made a lot of design decisions, and I had to put a bunch of mother-of-pearl disks onto rings (they'll come into play when I attach the fringe). Stay tuned! I expect to have this finished by Wednesday! HAR!

Before I forget - I made my first Treasury page on Etsy this morning! I am just delighted! See it here!

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