aaannnndddd . . . . GOAL!!

Here at last, I have reached my goal of posting 30 items in 30 days. Time to rest now. Time to dream a while.

This past week has been a serious test of my resolve to become more professional in my craft life. Letting go of things no longer relevant. Making pieces so full of memory and desire as to make me weep as I work on them. Committing to sell those pieces, with pride and without any selfish regrets.

It might seem silly to some, looking at this business from the outside, but there are some pieces I make that take so much of me that I cannot bear to part with them for any amount of money. I am learning to take that passion and manifest it by creating from a deeper place in me, allowing myself the joy of the act itself, reveling in the physical object that would not be in the world if not for my hands and heart and eyes and gift, and then releasing it. Letting it exist apart from me.

I'm not expressing this very well. Let me explain. I'm selling off my back issues of Belle Armoire, Somerset Studio and Expression. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but for me it is. I love these pages, these pictures, all the articles - ideas, projects, inspirations - I want very much to keep them all and yet I have no room for them in my reduced workspace. It took a long time for me to get right with the whole idea of paring down. Now that I have, I've committed to sell them and I will not turn back from the decision. It is the right one.

The dolls that I've made, the medicine bags, the embroidered cuffs - not only are they labor intensive, they are pieces of myself. I was content to sell my work once a year at an arts fair, or here in the book store where my sales are very infrequent (no one expects to find beadwork of this caliber in a used book store). Now I've taken that giant leap forward and put my work out there for all the world to see by listing these bits of my soul in an online consignment shop. I waver and occasionally wonder if I shouldn't take everything offline again, but I've made this decision and it is a good one. I will stick with it.

I'm not afraid to fail, and I'm no longer afraid to succeed.

Time to sketch. Time to dream. Time to rest awhile. See you next week.

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  1. I had the thought come to me out of no where yesterday. Oh, wow. People are buying my work! People are buying my work? This whole "thing" might actually become "something." Oh, WOW!


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