WooHoo! I'm battin' 3 for 3!!

Right here. Another bangle went up on Etsy this morning - I'm putting the finishing touches on a Gorgeous Medicine Bag and hope to put that up tomorrow. Or maybe more of the valentine goods. Ya just never know.

I took delivery yesterday on a sack full of "European Yarn Samples." Or that's what it said at the eBay site where I found them. I went through the bag last night and was amused to see many of the yarns in there that I've seen at Big Lots. Ya gotta laugh, or you just end up crying all day. I had a Scathingly Brilliant Idea for a mixed media art project the other day and went in search of an inexpensive source of yarn samples. And really. I should know better than to trust an eBay description. I realize now I should have asked a few questions - like "Are the samples you're selling just like the samples you have pictured, and are they actually on cards as you show or are they all lumped together in a zip-lock freezer bag?" But who thinks to ask such things? At least I didn't spend too much money on them, and once again the valuable lesson is learned. I should be able to use most of what I got, if I supplement it with my own (considerable) yarn stash. Once I clean up my sketches, I'll post them here. Now, back to the Old Sold Folder:

This one is called "Too Bloody Right." No, it is NOT a black and white photograph - look closely and you'll see a few bits of blood red seed beads poking up among the hematite chips. It was the last of the commissioned pieces, this one for my cyberpal herself. The task was daunting (how do you match things to people you've never met??), but the reaction from her and her sisters (as well as the monetary compensation, of course) made the challenge both enjoyable and worthwhile.

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